Wednesday Research Update

1830 Census databasing continues.

New Canaan added 15 households: 1 enslaved person (a woman aged between 55 and 100), and 3 independent households. One of the latter was an older woman living alone; there is a high probability that she was a Revolutionary War widow living on a military pension, but this Census didn’t take specific note of that status.

The independent nonwhite households were headed by:

Ned Noyes (family of 3)
Ned Smith (family of 2, 1 male child and 1 adult male)
R— Manning (1 woman – the name can’t be Robert but it doesn’t look like Rachel either).

New Fairfield (even smaller in population than New Canaan) added 2 households, one independent (Samuel Jackson, family of 5).

Next up is Newtown; with 44 page of census return to go through, I’ll work on it another day. 351 entries so far!

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