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Seventeenth-century doodling

Nothing substantive to add today, just a couple of samples of a copyist’s doodling from the United Colonies records.  No meeting-attender or student notetaker has ever done better, I’m sure. First up, an artistic paragraph border: Second, fun with flourishes:

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Back to the Future (the view from 1943)

Working in public history, as I do, can lead in some odd directions.  Today, my reading material includes electrical utility company newsletters.  In one of them, Quentin Q. Quinn – NOT the cartoon character, but a real engineering assistant working … Continue reading

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Brimfield Haul, Part 6: Royal says Any One Can Bake

Finally, the last item acquired at the Brimfield antique show back in July. At 1929, this is not the oldest baking powder company cookbook I own (that’s the Ryzon one from 1918), but it is unusual in being a relatively … Continue reading

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War of 1812: Money issues, and issuing money

At the time of the War of 1812, there was no single national paper currency.  The U.S. treasury issued “notes,” but so did state-chartered banks and even states.  And in August 1814, the government’s finances were in such a shambles … Continue reading

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Next item of King Philip’s War research

Here’s a sample of the next batch of documents I’m going to be looking at.  They actually start out well before King Philip’s War and only go to 1670, but we’re looking into the possibility that some of these haven’t … Continue reading

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Brigadier Cushing surprises me.

On 6th November, the Brigadier responded to an earlier letter from Col. Elisha Tracy, who was in charge of purchases at Norwich.  Much of what he said was routine and unsurprising.  It’s the bit at the end that startled me. … Continue reading

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Dictionary 1881: A to Abolish

The other day (while looking for something else) I ran across our copy of A High-School Dictionary of the English Language, published in 1881 (abridged, it says, from a recent edition of Webster’s dictionary).  And illustrated with 300 wood engravings. … Continue reading

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