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U.S. History Standards (K-12)

I’m not a K-12 teacher, but I teach people who went through those grades.  And that means the Thomas B. Fordham Institute’s report on U.S. history standards across the country is really depressing to me, too.  From the executive summary: … Continue reading

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Manners & the 19th Century

More on reading War of 1812 documents – even (especially?) in writing, these gentlemen had very nice manners.  But that doesn’t mean they couldn’t cut to the bone with a few well-chosen remarks.  Consider this July 14, 1812 letter from … Continue reading

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Politics & the War of 1812

The more I look into the War of 1812, the more I suspect that one of the reasons it’s been neglected by historians is that it torpedoes the pleasant image of a post-Revolutionary nation that was happily united except for … Continue reading

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