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Doughnut report

I did finally make doughnuts the other day.  I settled on a recipe from this 1935 booklet, “Be an Artist at the Gas Range” by The Mystery Chef: If I was better at graphics I’d have the back cover and … Continue reading

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Prenuptial agreement, 18th-century style

Listening to a program on the radio today reminded me of a 1789 prenuptial agreement that I ran across while doing a title search in Stratford a while back.  Before I give you the transcript, though, I should make sure … Continue reading

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Dog power

A lot of the really amusing things in the historical life turn up while doing research.  As an example, Bill (my spouse) was looking for data about 19th-century industries in Hartford.  So he opened up our copy of The Memorial … Continue reading

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Doughnut versification

So, here I am, snowed in and looking through my vintage cooking pamphlets for doughnut recipes, and I discover that The New Home Cook Book (1926, Latest Revised Edition) offers no fewer than nine recipes for doughnuts.  And one of … Continue reading

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A historian doing original research will usually find herself working with handwritten historic documents.  These can include letters, diaries, account books, census pages, tax records, and anything else that people think they need to write down.  And some of those … Continue reading

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